White Tiles Gone Wild

It’s really quite funny you know. As humans, we can do a lot of insensitive things. We forget to cover our mouths when we sneeze. We neglect to hold the door open for strangers when we are in a mad rush, and throw an apology over our shoulder. We put our compost in the garbage bin instead of the compost bin, by ‘mistake’.

But we NEVER, no not EVER, put a drink down without a coaster.

It’s true. Do you remember the last time you visited a friend’s house and were about to place your cold, perspiring glass of water down? What did you do? You looked for a coaster.

Everyone needs coasters. Everyone uses coasters. Whether they are official coasters or pseudo coasters, like a magazine or stack of papers, we all place our beverages on something.

I discovered how to make beautiful looking coasters.  They make for a great hostess gift and are quite inexpensive! Like, we’re talking under 5 bucks. But shhh…. no one needs to know that.

DIY Tile Coasters

What you’ll need:

  • 4 x 4 white tiles
  • Spray paint (colour of your choice and a clear seal spray paint)
  • Felt pads
  • Lace or patterned paper


  • Spray paint the bottom of the tiles evenly
  • Once dry, flip over and place your pieces of lace or patterned paper on the top of the tiles
  • Lightly spray on top and then remove the lace or patterned paper


  • Attach felt pads to bottom of tiles once paint is completely dry

DIY Tile Coasters

And voila!

DIY Tile Coasters

You’re welcome. 😉




3 thoughts on “White Tiles Gone Wild

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