Through your eyes, my daughter…

IMG_4360Through your eyes, my daughter, I see the world in a new way.

I see the bits of life. A pebble on the ground. Droplets of water zipping down the side of the tub. The petals of a flower. An ant. Leaves twirling in the wind. A nub on my wool sweater. A cheerio in the corner of the room.

I see people as people. Two eyes, a nose, a mouth. No prejudice. No judgement. Just a smile from you to them that now binds us together as humans.

I see my beauty through your eyes. My hair shining as it’s twisted around your little finger. My eyelashes dark and full as you try to touch them. My smile bigger and brighter because of your smile. My body strong and powerful as it carried you 9 months inside, many months outside, and forever in my heart.

I hear the world. A tree branch snapping. A dog barking. A garbage truck clamoring down the road. A door opening. A cupboard closing. A coat zipping up. A person crying. A person laughing.

I feel life. The cold wind. The hot sun. The soft carpet. The cuddly blanket. The hard table. The sharp corner. The prickly grass. The scratchy sidewalk. Your warm embrace. Your chubby legs. Your soft skin. Your hot tears. Your beating heart.

Through your eyes, my daughter, I see the world in a new way. And I am forever grateful.



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