It’s not a diary. It’s a journal. I ‘journal’.

IMG_2376Could there be a better feeling than writing on the first page of new journal? The spine cracking open and the first page staring blankly at you. I always feel a slight bit of intimidation. Like the first sentence needs to be greatly profound or insightful.  And I’ll tell you a secret. I always leave the first few pages completely blank thinking that perhaps later I’ll come up with something great. But rarely do I ever go back to those first few pages… because here’s the thing. The whole journal is the unraveling of life, and what could be more beautiful or profound?

I went out to buy a new journal the other day. I stood in front of the journal and paper section at Chapters Indigo for probably close to 35 minutes. This is not an exaggeration. I literally picked up each journal off the shelf. Opened it up. Closed it. Weighed it in my hand. When I finally narrowed down my decision to 3, I actually just stood there staring at them trying to make my decision.

I’m sure if anyone was watching me, they’d probably think I was on the crazy train. In fact, a sales clerk came up to me and asked if I was having a hard time picking a diary. I couldn’t help but smile as I corrected her, ‘Oh no, it’s not a diary. It’s a journal. I ‘journal’.

Somehow there is a really big difference to me… 😉

You see, it’s my side kick. My book full of inspiration. Quotes. Thoughts. Life events. Aspirations. Fears. Excitement. Prayers. The mundane. The extraordinary.

I keep all of my journals and I love to flip through them from time to time. To see life unfolding and reminding me of the path I’m on. Lopsided and darty writing from a bumpy car ride. Little grains of sand sliding down the page after being hidden in the spine, telling its own story of beach days. Pages that have stuck together from a spilt coffee or an escaped tear.

It’s my life in the pages. And while I don’t have time to write everyday, I write when I can. My earthly sojourn.



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