What’s In My Bag?


4 thoughts on “What’s In My Bag?

  1. Ah the evolution of purses. I am told when you are a single girl you are allowed the small purse, when you marry it grows because you have added the things your mate needs you to carry (“the wife purse”), with children comes “the mom purse.” This is why old ladies have huge bags…those must be “Grandma purses” and God only know what all is in there!


  2. Hi there! I tried to find your email on here, but couldn’t! I live in Moose Factory and know your mom! She showed me your blog many moons ago and I’ve enjoyed it! 🙂 I have a friend who works in the O.R. with your dad, and she’s trying to get in touch with your mom to plan something for your dad this month! Would you mind emailing her email? Thanks so much! Thanks for sharing your parents with the North, they have been an ENORMOUS blessing to many!!


    • Oh dear! I’m so very sorry! I only just logged on now to the site. I’ve been so busy with work and just enjoying the summer that I haven’t done much blogging lately! I guess that’s a good thing too. You are so kind to share those sweet words about my parents. I’m so glad to hear they have been a blessing up there. By now you have put together the party, and I saw pictures and saw how wonderful you guys sent him off! What a great community. I hope you keep well. I will try to get some more posts up in the near future!



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