Beauty in a Bottle: Herb-Infused Olive Oil

I love olive oil and this herb-infused version takes it to a whole new level. Just look at it. That’s purty. It can be used as a dressing, on grilled veggies, or in a marinade. Pretty versatile and rather exciting if you ask me. I always love discovering homemade hostess gifts since they come in handy throughout … Continue reading

Salt. You party animal, you.

Gourmet Herb Salt. It’s basically salt that has its party shoes on. If we break it down, it’s pretty simple. Salt with herbs. But then again, a lot of great things are made up of pretty simple ingredients. Look no further than ice cream. Ice… and cream… and a few other stellar but simple ingredients. Herb Salt is a great … Continue reading

White Tiles Gone Wild

It’s really quite funny you know. As humans, we can do a lot of insensitive things. We forget to cover our mouths when we sneeze. We neglect to hold the door open for strangers when we are in a mad rush, and throw an apology over our shoulder. We put our compost in the garbage bin instead of … Continue reading