What’s In My Bag?

I was always one of those girls who carried a really small purse. Wallet, keys, phone, lip balm. DONE. RIP my pretty little purses…. Since having my daughter, the things I have to carry with me at all times is a rather exhaustive list, and it’s more of a ‘Just In Case Situation ABCDEFG’ happens. … Continue reading

Finding the beauty of life in simplicity

Sometimes you’re journeying through life and certain seasons of life seem overwhelming. On a global perspective there is a lot of sadness and scary things happening all over the world. Sometimes you also face individual challenges and daunting days and it takes everything in you to put in motion your mind and body to get through … Continue reading

Through your eyes, my daughter…

Through your eyes, my daughter, I see the world in a new way. I see the bits of life. A pebble on the ground. Droplets of water zipping down the side of the tub. The petals of a flower. An ant. Leaves twirling in the wind. A nub on my wool sweater. A cheerio in the … Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts

Things I’m loving lately: 1) This cold and creamy breakfast. It is perfect for hot summer mornings and since you assemble it the night before, it is a great grab-n-go option if you need to dash out to work … or take your baby to the park. (I don’t know what it is, by my daughter seems … Continue reading

Six invaluable lessons I’ve learned from my Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there and to all the women without children who have sacrificed, encouraged, strengthened, cherished, and loved your friends, cousins, nephews, nieces, parents, grandparents and more. You are beautiful and the world is a better place with you. This is my first official Mother’s Day! A year ago at this time … Continue reading

That Sunday Evening Feeling

Growing up, Sundays were always very restful. The sun would rise, we would have breakfast as a family, head to church, have lunch, and then rest. I mean, really rest. Not surf the web or watch tv kind of rest. Picture a family randomly situated about the house reading a book or a magazine, and slowly dozing off … Continue reading

No poker faces here in Canada. Let’s get giddy.

I LOVE that we have four very distinct seasons. When asked my favourite, I always say summer. For the delicious, local fruits and vegetables, hot beach days, sandy toes, picnics, baseball games, and cottage weekends. But then I think about spring and just how much I love new growth:  beautiful cherry blossom trees, fresh herb gardens … Continue reading