Green Smoothies Don’t Scare Me

They never have. I’ve eaten weirder things. I had this cold once that just wouldn’t go away. I think it was 6 weeks in the running and I was desperate to stomp this cold into oblivion. Someone told me that I should eat raw garlic. Simply mince a large garlic clove, put on a spoon … Continue reading

I was an Angel Child (and Coconut Baked Oatmeal Recipe)

Actually, that’s not entirely true and if my parents are reading this (which they probably are because I coerced encouraged them to follow my blog), they probably just chuckled to themselves. But, there were two things in my life that my parents never had to enforce. 1) Going to bed and 2) eating breakfast. I was one of these … Continue reading

Hearty Healthy Breakfast

Nope, not reinventing the wheel here but goodness (grapevine!) this is a great breakfast. It is incredibly filling and satisfying. The velvety avocado, crisp toast, smooth eggs, and fresh tomatoes, make it winner in my books. Avocado Egg Toast with Fresh Tomatoes 100% whole grain bread (toasted) 1/2 avocado 1 small tomato chopped 2 boiled … Continue reading