Baked Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

I’m a fairly self-disciplined person but I cannot even contain myself when these donuts come out of the oven. This is my ultimate dessert. Sure, I love chocolate desserts, fruit pies, and lemony this & that, but put a plate of sugar donuts in front of me, and you might as well say adios to my face … Continue reading

It’s National Chocolate Pudding Day?!

… at least in the States. But I say we jump on board too. Good idea, eh? Chocolate Chia Pudding Packed with protein, healthy omega-3 fats and fibre, this is a great post-workout snack or just enjoy as a dessert to satisfy that sweet tooth! Ingredients 1 cup milk 3 Tbsp chia seeds 1 Tbsp of cocoa powder splash of … Continue reading

Poutine, Butter Tarts, Kraft Dinner.

According to the all-knowing and credible Wikipedia, these three foods are considered to be the top contenders for Canadian national food. Kraft Dinner?? <Insert my really awkward grimace here> That’s just sad. On a number of levels. Poutine? Well, I won’t knock that. Butter tarts? Yes, absolutely! Full of butter, sugar, and most importantly pure Canadian maple … Continue reading